JACK TUITE - Lucan & Ashbourne


ALI TWOMEY - Lucan & Ashbourne

Ali has always had an interest in fitness, strength & conditioning. Ali was exposed to it from a young age when she started playing camogie with Dublin Seniors. Ali says, "I have picked up a lot of things from different coaches I have worked with" and she explains her favourite part of coaching at FitFor45 is "helping people learn to enjoy exercise & seeing people go from little/no exercise in their routine to making it a habit and part of their lifestyle". 



Karl has a great understanding of the fitness industry after  starting his journey in 2012. Karl achieved his qualification from the NTC and he then went on to graduate from DIT with a degree in Leisure Management. In 2015, Karl became an Army Officer in the Irish Defence Forces and he is currently based in the Curragh, Co. Kildare. Karl's favourite part of FitFor45 is the positive training environment that has built between all.

Jack is the founder of FitFor45. After spending 4 years in the UK playing professional football. Jack went on to Inchicore College of Further Education to study Leisure & Recreation Management. Alongside this course, he completed his NCEF qualification, through the University of Limerick. Jack's first experience was in DCU Sport where he worked as a Fitness Coach with a team of well-established coaches. He then later completed an honors degree in TU Dublin studying Sport & Leisure Management. Jack's favourite aspect of FitFor45 is seeing members discover how fitness & wellness improves their lives.



Conor has gained over 10 years experience working in the in fitness industry since achieving his fitness qualification from the NTC. Conor uses his experience when coaching members through alternatives and progressions. Conor has coached with FitFor45 since 2019 and his favourite part of being involved with FitFor45 is the positive energy between the coaches and members. He says, "There are no egos, and this makes for a positive training environment".



Louise started in the fitness industry as a Fitness Instructor & Swim Teacher back in 2012. In 2013, Louise then went on to complete a degree in Health & Physical Activity. Louise says, "I was always eager to learn and coach as many different types of classes as possible. I started training at FitFor45 in 2020 & shortly after I began coaching the classes. I fell in love with the laugh & support between members and coaches.



Mags became an ITEC qualified fitness coach & PT at the age of 45, which sends the message that "It's never too late to do what you love". Mags shows this passion and energy when coaching the FitFor45 members. Mags has coached boxing for 10 years and she also works for the IABA as a Sports Development Officer. Mags has been coaching at FitFor45 since 2019 and she is well-known by our members from coaching our BoxFit Classes. Her favourite part of FitFor45 is making a great class atmosphere through her taste of music & personality.



Amy graduated with a BA in Communication Studies in 2020, but felt her heart was never fully in it. During COVID-19 in 2020, Amy said, "I was completely inspired to take my passion for fitness and turn it into my career". Amy says her main aim at FitFor45 is to help members achieve a healthy lifestyle and mindset. This is done through getting people stronger, improving their mobility, all which contributes towards their day-to-day lives.